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The contest

About Vinitaste

Vinitaste is the professional wine competition held every year in Brussels. Founded and organised by the Monde Selection Quality Institute whose experience in organizing wine competitions dates back from 1961.
The aim of the competition is to recognize and promote the quality of international wines.

Why take part?

The Medals

Vinitaste medals are a direct evidence of the quality of your wine. Whether used in your communication or displayed on your bottles, the medals will enable prestigious external performance in marketing and allow instantly the consumers to recognize the quality of your wine.

The medals

Professionalism, rigor, technicity

Vinitaste puts the emphasis on a rigorous evaluation process, the technicality of the tastings and the professionalism of its jurors. Each wine is blind tasted by a professional international jury composed of qualified experts selected for their knowledge and technical skills to taste a wide range of wines.

About the Jury


The competition is recognised for its professionalism, precision and the technical approach of its assessments. Each wine undergoes blind-tasting following methods of quality evaluation, calculation and granting of medals that are officially approved by the most important wine organizations (OIV-UIOE).

About the contest

Jury of experts

The Jury is composed of wine professionals such as oenologists and technical experts.


wines per day

Each Jury table tastes 35 wines per day to preserve the experts’ palates


years of expertise


Each wine is blind-tasted according to the tasting sheets of the O.I.V. and the Union Internationale des OEnologues.

The International Wine Contest in Brussels

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Meet the producers


SAUVIGNON BLANC KITTENBERG 2019 Austria has been well known for its wines from the indigenous varieties grĂźner veltliner for white and zweigelt for red, not […]

SAUVIGNAC trocken Edesheimer Rosengarten 2020

SAUVIGNAC trocken Edesheimer Rosengarten 2020 The Anselmann family has a long winegrowing history. High quality and very appetizing wines are produced in the winery located […]


Hungary, land-locked between Austria and Romania, has a long wine-growing history. Its most famous wine is the rich and sweet Tokaj Aszu. The continental climate […]

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A question?

Do you have any questions about the competition or the process of entering your wine? Please feel free to consult our frequently asked questions or contact our team.